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Primary Actuator

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MicroMED has recently developed a novel micro linear actuator, the Primary Actuator, targeting the unmet needs for the current autoinjector and wearable injector market. The device is specifically designed to drive primary containers such as prefilled syringe or prefilled cartridge.

This small MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) engine (with a small but powerful MEMS microchip inside) can provide the injection force/speed for the most challenging specifications required by the current high viscosity, large volume biologics injections. The force output of our actuator was measured over 1,000 Newtons.

The Primary Actuator is an innovative, small, low-cost engine solution for the application of large-volume, high-viscosity medication injection. This engine technology is well suited to address the growing needs for the subcutaneous protein drug therapies. The Primary Actuator has demonstrated its capability as a smart solution for drug delivery that will benefit all stakeholders in the subcutaneous injection market. A successful partnership between the strategic collaborators and MicroMED will enable this engine technology to be developed into a superb commercial injector product meeting the true needs for today’s large-volume biotech injectables.

Comparison of the current driving technologies for the large volume primary container injectors. 

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Performance scale: ☆☆☆ Excellent, ☆☆ Good, ☆Normal.


The ONdrugDelivery

MicroMED has recently published an article in the leading drug delivery journal, the ONdrugDelivery, about our new MEMS engine product for the applications in autoinjector/wearable injector development.

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